IowaWORKS - Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial Literacy Workshops:
A New Tool for IowaWORKS Customers

Like most Iowa adults, Sonya Sellmeyer grew up during a time when you just didn’t talk about certain topics in the classroom – like, for example, your checkbook.

“I don’t know about you, but I know I didn’t learn anything about financial literacy in school,” said Sellmeyer, consumer advocacy officer for the Iowa Insurance Division. “But we can tell by the numbers that we continue to see in regard to consumer debt, people not contributing to their company’s 401(k) match – things like that show us there really is a big need for this.”

Sellmeyer, working as part of broader campaign across Iowa’s state government, is trying to fill that gap. Last fall, she launched a series of online financial literacy workshops that take place on the first Monday of each month at

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