Iowa IEP

Iowa’s Special Education system is designed to encourage collaboration among all members of the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.  Listed below are some resources that can support your understanding of the IEP process.


Iowa IDEA Information, also known as i3, is a one-stop-shop for procedures, guidance and resources on special education for parents, families, educators and partner agencies from the Iowa AEAs and Iowa Department of Education. The site can be easily translated into different languages, and includes many transition related resources.  Visit the i3 site


ACHIEVE is the new electronic IEP system being developed for Iowa- COMING SOON.  Within ACHIEVE, family members will have access to a portal that is set up specifically for them. This portal will provide access to calendars, contact information, action items and resources/supports, along with viewing access to the IEP. 

State Resources

Iowa Procedural Safeguards Manual: Iowa’s Procedural Safeguard Manual explains the rights and responsibilities that parents of students with disabilities have in the Special Education process.  

Iowa Department of Education- Secondary Transition:  The Iowa Department of Education provides resources and guidance to support students with disabilities who are in the process of transitioning from high school. 

If you have questions or concerns about the special education process, the following resources are available to assist families and schools.  


Iowa AEAs: Iowa's Area Education Agencies partner with families and schools to support the learning needs of students with disabilities.  

Family Educator Partnership- Family Educator Partners (FEP) can support parents, students and educators in the transition process.  Find the contact information for the Family Educator Partner from the AEA in your area.

ASK Resource Center: ASK Resource Center is a family-focused organization.  ASK can support parents and students in the transition process with information and individualized assistance.